Stefano Puri is a contemporary composer. He started at a very early age as a singer in a liturgical choir. Later he studied piano, composition and orchestration. Before embracing classical and symphonic music, his musical conscience grows in parallel within sacred music (especially liturgical music) and obscure music (Post-Punk, Dark-wave, Gothic, Neo-folk, Black Metal).

Stefano Puri's music is characterized by a constant alternation of harmony and contrast, where opposites live dialogically: light and darkness, asceticism and sensuality, minimalism and sophistication.

His production ranges from short meditations for solo instruments ("mentre lei dorme", "preludio a Dicembre", "gli amanti crocifissi", "Il ricordo di un sorriso", "i demoni" for piano; "prima dell'ora" for solo violin,  "canto di madre" for viola and choir) to larger compositions for ensembles or orchestra ("come un prodigio" for piano and orchestra; "la corsa verso casa" for orchestra; "un solco di luce" for soli, choir and orchestra).

A lot of Stefano Puri's production is dedicated to sacred choral music, ("lode cosmica", "trisaghion", "the wedding mass", "ubi caritas" "missa brevis", "Nicola di Myra") - and secular choral music ("the ghost", "asleep!", "mentre guardiamo la luna",  "Requiem for a black heart").

He is conductor of OFFICINA CORALE (a contemporary music choir), founder and conductor of the ENSEMBLE MYSTERIUM (vocal quartet specialized in the performance of ancient music), and he is responsible for contemporary music at the Basilica of the Holy XII Apostles (Rome).

From 2003 to 2005 he collaborated with SPIRITUAL FRONT (Piano / Keyboards / Strings arrangements) releasing "BEDTIME/BADTIME" and the successful "ARMAGEDDON GIGOLO '."

In December 2009 he founded (with his brother Gianni) the ritual-darkwave project IVASHKEVICH ( In 2011 they released the first self-titled EP "Ivashkevich."

In December 2013 he published "BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS", an album entirely composed for Spiritual Front (aka Simone Salvatori)